Pre-employment Training
Pre-employment Training
Make sure your new staff members have the skills and knowledge they need to take up their initial role.

Leadership & Management
leadership and management
Helping you and your managers develop the skills needed to lead effectively.

Hospitality & Catering
Hospitality and catering
Helping hospitality teams master service techniques and improve their efficiency.

Customer Service
customer services
Training staff and supervisors to deliver service excellence and develop raving fans.

Health & Safety
Accredited and bespoke health & safety training courses, qualifications and consultancy services.

First Aid
first aid
Approved courses for employers; community groups; & individuals learning first aid skills for personal reasons.

Cleaning Services
cleaning services
Helping to raise the standards of cleaning and support service for an essential workforce.

Health & Social Care
Introducing the skills needed to work with some of society’s most vulnerable people.



Education & Training
education and training
Develop your own people to create, deliver and support great training programmes.

Talent Management
talent management
Measuring employee engagement and training impact, identify training needs and assessing workplace culture.

Presenting informal opportunities using audio, visual & kinaesthetic techniques.

Our Policies
our polices
To ensure quality of delivery & service, promote equal opportunities, equality & diversity, & responsible sustainability, we have a number of policies.